For a Limited time we are offering Lumineers for a Discounted Price:Lumineers limited-time special, #1 requested veneer in the world

The Den-Mat Corporation has patented a type of porcelain veneer called Lumineer, and we are proud to announce our full certification in Lumineer application. Lumineers are different than regular veneers in that:

Lumineers offered at House of Smiles in Killeen
  • Lumineers are stronger
  • Lumineers are thinner – about as thin as a contact lens
  • No drilling on sensitive tooth structures
  • Existing dental work does not have to be replaced
  • Lumineers can be almost half the cost of traditional veneers
  • The procedure can be reversed (since the existing tooth is usually not changed in any way)

Lumineers work great for fixing gapped teeth, teeth that slope inward, or teeth that are too small. Because there is no drilling, Lumineers are nearly painless to apply.

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Snap-On-Smile is affordable, non invasive & completely reversible, cosmetic removable arch. This can easily & painlessly give you a beautiful smile. The Hollywood smile is now within your reach.

No shots or drilling. It is Just 2 visits, get started now !!

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